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You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends. I look at pronografy cause its nice and it mekes me happy. Music is my life and it gives me a momentarilly release from the real world! If you insesently u Jeran Reyeshey wats up..heres a little about myself...i live in sunny San Diego...currently in the navy...i realized something new when i joined is to enjoy life..right now im in the process of doin a lot of new things i have not done yet...i.e. Jeramiah Harris I ride my motorcycle, Play guitar, I like to party.

Our hero for the story, Nac Dragqueen, was ordering an extra large bucket of fried chicken for him and his black friend Antoine."I'll order an extra large bucket of dolla dolla friend chicken," Said Nac. " He said, confused."I said, I'll order an extra large bucket of fried chicken." Nac said slower, flipping his bright magenta hair. "We're out of fried chicken," He said after the silence. " Nac asked."I MAKE SEVERAL MEN STROKE COCK AROUND FOUNTAIN OF LOVE IN AREA PUBLIC" He responded. Rough the Vulture." She answered."That's a shitty name," Nac cracked. We break out of this place then and fly away."Rough nodded. That was until the door to the Burger King exploded in a fiery blaze."WHO THE FUCK INTERRUPTS A DATE" Nac shouted.I do have a few close friends who are the exception to that though. If u are looking for a good laugh or just plain need some fun feel free to add me ..... I enjoy workin out and stayin in shape now (wasnt like that before) but yeah, like to live healthy now and live good.Someone who's into the outdoors, tattoos, piercings, and heavy metal would be great because I'm into camping and fishing, I have tattoos. my passion is money and i love to spend it, but i do know how to save it too! Jephthe Alexandrelet me interoduced myself my name is jephthe alexandre everybody call me jeff i'm 25 years old 345 pound 5'7 5'8 large haevy set big i'm a Disabled person but i like the way i am i been single for a longtime me and my sister bron in nework new jersey my family is from haiti i go to school i like to go out have some fun i like to go to the mall movies R&B Soul music i love to cook i play sports i'm looking for a woman who like everything about me i am looking for friend dateing relationship or maybe more i'm looking for a woman is beautyfull sexy amanzing and smart and down to earth everything that a man want's that like everything about me in side and out and be thamsalf if you like what you read get at me i love what god give me Jeqwan Smithmy name is jeqwan im from new jersey moved to richmond va in 2001 im real laid back i dnt do too much just tryin to keep my nose clean lol i like drinkin, smoking,chill wit family and i like to meet new people ( females ) barry sanders juice,any steven segal movie from the early 90's,any movie wit will ferell Jer I'm a mellow type of guy. Jer Normal, shy guy going to college for accounting. I go to school, write and fiddle on the computer I like just about any music, don't watch much t.v, into sports (football, baseball, nascar...) enjoy writing and reading, computers are an everyday part of life. Manager, and yes I do get to see all of the movies for free, and they mostly all suck ass! It’s always the last day of summer and I’ve been left out in the cold, with no door to get back in. Still waitin to find my one (if ones out there) so i can start my family and enjoy that side of life.While a student at Harvard, he started acting on a dare from his roommate, Clay Tarver.After graduation, his first film/TV role was given to him by Mike Newell in the CBS drama COMMON GROUND in 1989.

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