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I'm Tall You're Not – So That Makes us Even is a short book about Tall women (Tom Kat Production, LLC).

"It's important to note that we each have something uniquely designed by God. I may have height, but we are all gifted in one way or another.

He was featured speaker at the Project Hollywood mansion (from “The Game”) and received an award for Best Videos from the Pick-up artist community.

One of the successful works of Alex Coulson is Street Dating Revealed.

Fret not, my friend, for I have got you covered as well. because even the Warlock gets these rejections from time to time.

Read on to discover the killer relationship tricks that you can use to get your ex-girlfriend back and get her to love you more than ever… There is, however, a method that you can use to win a girl if you don’t mind using some killer psychology and persuasion techniques.

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"For instance, she adds, if the lock on the bathroom stall is broken, we can still pee and hold the door shut at the same time."Katherine Smith, former broadcaster, model and actor has a background in sales, marketing and running a small business, as well as presentation skills, which helped her through some demanding times in her career.

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