Intimidating paintball masks

Extra balls can be purchased on the day @ £6 per 100 It is quite intimidating if you're scared of heights, however there are escape routes in the early stages to allow team members to bottle out if they don't like it!You are constantly attached to a running cable belay system which will catch you if you fall.

The strong point of this mask is definitely the scary looking, skull-like aesthetic that comes in a wide variety of different designs.

The best choice is white because it stands out and is very intimidating when the whole team is wearing the same mask.

LENSES The only thing better than having the meanest mask around, is completing it with a special lense.

The Camo Tactical Mask is perfect for you if you are looking for some badass tactical gear that will provide a substantial amount of protection.

Who said that form and function have to be mutually exclusive?

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