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We have a scheduled job that executes this package, and also overrides the SMTP connection string so that the package can target the test or production mail server, which makes it possible to keep a single service on both our test and production servers, just configured differently.We recently changed the server name of our production mail server and went into the scheduled job and changed the command prompt values that run to point to the new server.In this article we will show you, How to Update Data using OLEDB Command Transformation in SSIS with example.Please refer OLE DB Command Transformation in SSIS article to understand, How to insert data using OLE DB Command Transformation and Delete Data using OLEDB Command Transformation in SSIS article to understand the Delete operations.

Naturally a common, unique key is needed between the data in the excel sheet and Dynamics 365 record but that does not necessarily need to be the CRM GUID as I show you below. First thing you need to do is to create a new SSIS package and set the data source as excel file.At this stage we can determine which rows of the Excel sheet are new, and which exist already. Before sorting the columns, I would advise converting the Excel columns to the same type as database columns, in this case I have selected the four columns: a. The data belonging to the new row will be inserted into the table, and the data belonging to the Existing Row will update said row. Drag the line from the conditional split to the OLE DB Destination, you will be prompted to choose the output, you want to select New Row (as defined in the Conditional Split) 4.To do this we use a conditional split where we ascertain if the UID is null (from the database table), if it is we know this is a new row and so should be inserted into the table, if it isn’t we know this row exists in the table and so the row should be updated (perhaps one of the column values has changed). Choosing the mapping tab and ensure they map to the columns in the table That is the insert sorted, how about the update; 1. Drag the green line from the conditional split to the OLD DB Command, you will be prompted to choose the output, select Existing Row (as defined in the conditional split) 3.Next, Drag and drop OLE DB Source and OLE DB Command transformation from toolbox to data flow region.Double click on OLE DB source in the data flow region will open the connection manager settings and allows us to select the required table. In this tab we can uncheck the unwanted columns also.

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Well, I have run into this situation several times and previously, the solution into this challenge has been either to: Some time ago I did a video blog regarding the Kingsway Soft SSIS integration toolkit.

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